An Overview About Medication Uses and Side Effects

June 15, 2016

One of the most common things that both doctors and patients are so concerned about are medication uses and side effects. Medication uses are critical to know for the patients because it is the instrument for their healing and recovery. The proper usage of medicine will enable them to experience the optimum results of the drugs they are taking; however if these medicines are not used properly it will lead to dangerous side effects. It is the job of the doctor to inform their patients about the proper usage of the drugs they are taking. That is why we have a doctor’s prescription; here the medicines are listed one by one as well as the frequency and amount of the drug you should be taking. It is very important that you follow the instructions of your doctor such as the dosage and the period in which you should maintain the drugs. It is very important that none of the dosages or even the length of time to take the drugs are changed unless your doctor has advised you to do so. Otherwise you will reap the side effects and not achieve the expected healing benefits.

The medication uses and side effects are often related in one way or another. If a particular drug is not being used the right way, the patient will reap the side effects. However there are also times that a patient will experience the side effects even if he diligently followed the instruction given by the doctor. If the side effects are minor or tolerable, they don’t need to be checked by a doctor. Sometimes side effects are normal since our bodies are expected to have reactions with the drugs we are taking. The side effects can vary from one individual to another. As long as there are no signs of complications, the side effects do not need any medical attention and will generally stop once the medication has weared off.

For side effects that are not tolerable or are showing signs of complications after using a particular medicine, the patient should consult his doctor immediately for proper care and actions. Often times, serious side effects are results of not following the doctor’s instructions, or a result of contraindications. This is the reason why before you begin taking drugs, you have to let your doctor know if you have been taking other drugs recently. This will help you avoid dangerous medicine interactions and the doctor can advise you whether it is safe to combine those drugs or not. Even taking supplements, you have to let your doctor know because there are supplements that can interfere or cause interactions with some drugs.

For over the counter drugs, you can read the labels that comes along with the drug so that you will know the medication uses and side effects. Again, side effects can vary from one individual to another. However if you have doubts, you may talk to your doctor or pharmacist about the medication uses and side effects of the drugs you are planning to take.