Wednesday, February 8

Ancestral Health Symposium 2012

I have been selected for giving a talk this August, in the Ancestral Health Symposium 2012, held in Harvard Law School. My 20-minute talk will be about Immunometabolism, where I will cover some basics of the immune system, the relationship between metabolism and immunity at a molecular level and how a paleo-type diet, coupled with other approaches, can be a powerful tool for controlling and preventing inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. I will discuss the effects of specific nutrients and food components on immune cell functioning, as well as some dietary suggestions based on individual symptoms. 

Given that Im a post-graduate student travelling from Peru and Im working full time on my thesis, I am looking for some financial help for travel expenses. Additionally, Im looking for some help finding places to stay for a reasonable price. 

If you are interested and find my work helpful, please send me an email to for further information. Any help is greatly appreciated. 

Alternatively, you can send any donation through PayPal, to . I have eliminated the "Donate" button because PayPal charges a commission that is not charged if you send the money directly to my email from the PayPal website.


  1. Giuseppe

    Felicitaciones Lucas.

  2. Anonymous

    Can we contribute via your paypal donate button?

    1. Hi Anon,

      If you prefer, there is no problem.


  3. The area is very expensive, best option is the Heminway St. hostel in downtown Boston, which is near MTA subway/train transit and will get you to Harvard in about 20 minutes.

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